Most of our members are students of applied geosciences and geophysics of the KIT. But everyone who is interested in the field can participate!

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Our meetings are every two weeks on tuesday at 17:30 in the buildings 50.40 or 50.41 at 17:30. Rooms are still in change, please refer to the given place in our e-mail notification.

Board 2020

President:            Lukas Müller
Vice-President:   Aura Alvarado de la Barrera
Secretary:            Frédéric Pistor
Treasurer:            Alexander Monsees

Webmaster:        Marco Fuchs

Active Members: coming soon

Board 2019

President:            Lukas Müller
Vice-President:   Marco Fuchs
Secretary:            Laura Spitzmüller
Treasurer:            Alexander-David Spitzner

Webmaster:        Tobias Schorer
Liaison Officer:   Valentin Goldberg

Active Members: coming soon

Board 2018

Created with Sketch.

President:            Valentin Goldberg
Vice-President:   Damien Guth
Secretary:            Oscar Sztatecsny
Treasurer:            Jonas Greve

Webmaster:        Tobias Schorer 

Board 2017

Created with Sketch.

President:            Valentin Goldberg
Vice-President:   Damien Guth
Secretary:            Oscar Sztatecsny
Treasurer:            Sonja Letzelder

Board 2016

Created with Sketch.

President:            Kai Stricker
Vice-President:   Valentin Goldberg
Secretary:            Thomas Niederhuber
Treasurer:            Stefan Eckardt