About us

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a world wide organisation whose objective is to preserve,  share and gather scientific knowledge related to the oil&gas industry. In our section we furthermore promote familar sectors of geological fields like geothermics or gas storages. Our main objective is to build up a network of students, companies, professionals and scientists during our studies.

In it’s mission statement the SPE has, besides promotion of the youth and research in the relevant fields, also the aim to improve university education and therefore encourage the collaboration between science and economy. We, as students within this section have mostly the same mission statement and organize ourselves in
 regulary meetings. We establish contacts to younger students in order to inform them about their options in the different fields of geology and the opportunities within the SPE. We are using talks, excursions and social events to promote our goals and knowlegde.
In the meetings we  plan our upcoming events and discuss how we can expand our network furthermore.

 Most of our Members are studying applied geosciences but every student who is interested in this scientific field and building up a network is welcome.
 If you are interested and want to join us just visit us at one of our meetings or contact us via  mail or facebook. It ́s worth a look!
You can benefit from:
 – field trips and company visits
 – talks, conferences and workshops
 – volunteer opportunities
 – online communities and scientific literature
So expand your knowlegde, developt skills in organising events and help us to grow the network!

For any further questions feel free to contact us:
[email protected]